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Casino Extreme Affiliates is the official casino affiliate program of Casino Extreme, an RTG casino brand. The site offers both desktop and mobile games from the entire Real Time Gaming suite, including their famous Reel Series Video Slots. Casino Extreme Affiliates is governed under the laws of Curacao.

Commission details

All partners of Casino Extreme Affiliates are compensated under the company’s revenue sharing scheme. This rewards affiliates with commissions based on the net revenue brought in from referred players. This is calculated as gross gaming winnings minus chargebacks and other operating expenses.

Affiliates will have a number of programs to choose from but their net revenue sharing scheme has an introductory offer for the first three months. Affiliates will earn a flat fee percentage share at an increased rate to help start them off. Affiliates will then move on to the standard deal from month four which is also a flat rate.

However other options are also available and affiliates can discuss this with their account managers to get the best possible deal.

In the event that an affiliate ends a month with a negative balance, that balance will be carried forward, and the affiliate must earn it back before he or she will be eligible for further commission payments. There is no bundling, however, since Casino Extreme Affiliates only promotes a single casino brand.


Partners of Casino Extreme Affiliates can add to their income through a multi-tier sub-affiliation scheme. This allows affiliates to get secondary commissions from sub-affiliates, as well as any additional affiliate activity from the next 2 tiers down.

Payment details

Casino Extreme Affiliates processes payments quickly, and all qualified affiliates consistently get their commissions within the first 7 days of each month. Affiliates are required to reach a $100 commission threshold before they are paid. Affiliates who do not get to this amount by the end of a month will have their earnings carried forward to the next month.

Partners of Casino Extreme Affiliates can opt to receive their payments via Neteller, Skrill, or bank wire transfer. No admin fee is deducted regardless of the method chosen, but affiliates are responsible for any costs the transfer may incur. This includes foreign exchange fees since payments are made in US dollars only.


Members of Casino Extreme Affiliates can use the Real Time Gaming affiliate platform to see how they are doing at any time. This software gives affiliates a comprehensive look at player activity and other vital information in real-time through a number of different reports. This platform is also where affiliates will find creatives and other promotional materials from management.

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